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Cologne is especially known for its charismatic and charming neighbourhoods. This doesn’t just include the 86 official districts of Cologne, but also the unofficial districts, which do not fall into any bureaucratic grid. Thus, no Cologne resident would meet for a coffee in “Neustadt-Nord”, but would instead opt for the Belgian Quarter or Agnes Quarter. Especially here, in Cologne’s unofficial neighbourhoods, you can feel just how comfortable and connected the inhabitants feel.


With its diversity, the neighbourhood of Südstadt unites everything that Cologne stands for. Amidst the historic old buildings and modern architecture, older generations meet younger generations, while the youth of Cologne mix with people from all backgrounds. Thanks to its second-hand shops, quaint pubs, tapas bars, cafés, restaurants and beer gardens, Südstadt offers something for everyone. The centre of Südstadt is the well-known Chlodwigplatz, where Alt-Stadt-Süd and Neustadt-Süd meet. The Südstadt neighbourhood also has something in store for nature lovers: A leisurely stroll through the idyllic Römerpark, around the green Volksgarten or along the Rheinauhafen.


The Rheinauhafen is considered one of the most popular places in Cologne’s Südstadt. Situated along the beautiful Rhine Promenade, the almost 60-metre-tall “crane houses” as well as luxurious apartments and office complexes adorn the city. There are therefore good reasons why the Rheinauhafen is considered an eye-catcher and a “noble quarter”. In addition to the exclusive architecture, you will find exclusive galleries, restaurants, cafés and bars directly on the waterfront. Moreover, the Rheinauhafen is home to the particularly well-known Chocolate Museum, the German Sports and Olympic Museum and the popular open-air cinema in summer.

Belgian Quarter

The Belgian Quarter bears its name due to the multitude of Belgian street names. What gives this trendy district its character are the ornate house façades from the Gründerzeit as well as the many cute boutiques, theatres, galleries, cafés, bars and restaurants. The Belgian Quarter is undoubtedly one of the most popular areas of the city. It is no wonder that so many enjoy strolling through the creative streets of the Belgian Quarter with a coffee to go, soaking up its very unique flair. Afterwards, you can end the day at one of Cologne’s great open-air meeting places, Brüssler Platz, which is graced by the neo-Romanesque Church of St. Michael.

Agnes Quarter

Agnes Quarter is characterised by its diversity: Students and long-established Cologne residents live here alongside young families. The second largest church in Cologne, after Cologne Cathedral, is the heart of Agnes Quarter and, together with nine adjoining streets, forms the centre of the neighbourhood. The neighbourhood is named after the 62-meter-tall St. Agnes Church. Agnes Quarter is one of the particularly beloved districts of Cologne, which owes its popularity to its amazing restaurants, hip bars and cute cafés. In addition, you will find plenty of pretty shops snugged away between the magnificent old buildings.


Ehrenfeld is considered a hip, multi-cultural, alternative neighbourhood and, with its many clubs and bars, is undoubtedly one of the party strongholds among the different neighbourhoods of Cologne. However, the neighbourhood offers much more on top of its party scene. On Venloer Straße, the Ehrenfeld shopping mile, you can discover the multicultural diversity that Ehrenfeld stands for. The street is adorned with cafés, restaurants, snack bars and shops from all over the world. The DITIB Central Mosque, the largest mosque in Germany, is a symbol of the multicultural coexistence found in the neighbourhood.

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