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Contactless check-in and check-out

Our check-in process is fully automated for you. You will receive a 10-digit code and a 4-digit code approx. 2 hours before your arrival (check-in from 3PM).

The 4-digit code can be used immediately from 3PM for check-in at the outside door and at the terminals on the respective floor. After entering the numbers, please press the tick button to confirm the process.

At the apartment door itself, you must first use the 10-digit code once and confirm the process. Following this, you can also use the 4-digit code to open your apartment door.

You can check out conveniently using our Guest Service Tool and simply close the doors behind you. You will receive the final invoice automatically by email. When you leave, please ensure that all items according to the inventory list are in the apartment. Check-out must be done by 11AM. Your door codes are no longer valid after 11AM.

In Design-Apart Cologne, all our doors are only accessible with a code, which means that you do not have to carry any keys with you. By using the 4-digit code, which you will receive from us before your arrival, you can easily enter and leave the apartment building.

The only exception is the initial activation of your apartment door. At the apartment door itself, you must first use the 10-digit code once and confirm the process by pressing the tick button. Following this, you can also use the 4-digit code to open your apartment door.

Please note: After entering any codes, you must always press the tick button to confirm or press the “x” to cancel if you have made a mistake.

To ensure that the complete equipment is available at the time of your arrival, you will receive our inventory list via our Guest Service Tool one day after your arrival.

We ask you to confirm that the equipment is complete or to inform us of any missing items.

Please be advised that we are an apartment building without reception. If you have any questions or need important information before, during or after your stay, you can reach us by email at or in an emergency by phone on: +49 221 99 20 99 2 23


There is an ironing board, iron, vacuum cleaner and mop in the laundry room. These are available to you at any time and free of charge. We trust that you will make sure they are clean and put them back in the laundry room after use, thus allowing the other guests to use them.

Every two weeks, we clean the surfaces and change bed linen and towels for you. This service is free of charge.

Spare bed linen and towels can be found in the apartment. Every two weeks, we clean the surfaces and change bed linen and towels for you. This service is free of charge.

In your apartment, you will find your own router, as well as a LAN cable for maximum speed. You will find the WiFi code behind the full-length mirror or the wardrobe door directly by the kitchen counter. By the way, the fuse box is also located there, in case the fuses should ever trip.

Each apartment has its own mailbox with the corresponding apartment number. We recommend that you always use the following address: Design.Apart, Aachener Str. 226, 50931 Cologne, and indicate the corresponding apartment number.

Each apartment has a doorbell with an intercom system. If you have visitors or order something, please remember to indicate your apartment number. You will need to open the outside door for the person and the intermediate door to the apartments on your respective floor.

The bins are located to the far left of the property in a designated area. To get there, please use the arcade, which is located on the far left of the neighbouring building and is directly accessible from Aachener Straße. To open the passage door to the bin area, you will need the same 4-digit door code which you use to access your apartment. Please segregate your waste.


A total of 15 parking spaces are available to our guests in our underground car park. You are welcome to reserve a spot with us before your stay. The price per day is € 6 (incl. VAT). For 30 days, the total price amounts to € 180 (incl. VAT).

If you reserve a parking space, you will find the remote control to open the roller door of the underground car park in your apartment. The entrance to the car park is on Oskar-Jäger-Straße, next to building number 3. To find our car park, drive down the driveway, make a direct left and another direct left. Then right, straight ahead and left again. The route within the underground car park is signposted. From the underground car park, you have direct access to the apartment building.

You can park in all parking spaces that are not rented to “long-term parkers” („Dauerparker“). The parking spaces for tenants of the Design. | Apart are marked.

You will find a washing machine and a dryer in our laundry room in the basement (“KG”). These are operated directly by the provider WeWash. By using the WeWash app, you can conveniently check if the washer or dryer is currently free, reserve a slot and pay for the wash or dry cycle.

Cost per wash and dry cycle
Wash: € 2.90
Dry: € 2.40

You can use the lift to gain easy access to the basement (“KG”) and keep left after the access door, which you open using your door code.

Cologne tips

The numerous restaurants in Cologne offer everything your heart might desire. From typical Cologne dishes to international cuisine. Here you can find something for everyone: From meat lovers to vegans.

Overview of restaurants

Bars, clubs, cafés and restaurants that are open for long hours in summer and there are always plenty of trade fairs and events. If you want to enjoy nightlife to the fullest, this is the place to be.

Overview of Bars

Cologne is especially known for its charismatic and charming neighbourhoods or “Veedel”. This doesn’t just include the 86 official districts of Cologne, but also the unofficial districts, which do not fall into any bureaucratic grid.

Overview of Veedel

Booking information

You can book a stay of at least 3 months in our Design.Apart Cologne and fully enjoy your apartment for up to 6 months. If you are interested in a longer stay, please feel free to send us an email to:

We accept the following payment methods:

Credit card (Amex, Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club)
Advance bank transfer – to use this method, please contact:

Since, unlike hotels, we are an apartment building which is not subject to the accommodation law, you will receive a valid rental agreement from us stating the corresponding general terms and conditions. Upon request, you will receive a certificate of accommodation for the duration of your rental period. No registration form is therefore required.

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    Central and yet quiet location. The serviced apartments of Design.Apart are located in the beautiful district Lindenthal. The perfect location to reach all the hubs of Cologne on foot or comfortably by bike.

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