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The people of Cologne are likeable, friendly and particularly open. They are always up for a chat, which is why they are especially known for their sociability. Here you will immediately feel at home! Although Cologne is a city of millions, in some respects, it gives you that small village feeling. In addition, everything important is within reach. The distances are short, the connections are good and you can get from A to B quickly. If you have time and want to discover the many different aspects of Cologne, we highly recommend a little exploration tour on foot or by bike.

Living & working in Cologne means diversity and offers something for everyone: According to the motto “Everyone is different”. Here everyone can be who they are or who they would like to be. No wonder you will quickly feel at home here. After all, there is a reason why Cologne stands for tolerance and joie de vivre. The joie de vivre of the people of Cologne is particularly evident at carnival time. At this time of year, the people of Cologne are in each other’s arms, partying merrily, all dressed up in crazy costumes. But even outside the carnival season, you can experience a lot in Cologne: shopping, going out for a fancy meal or discovering the culture and event scene.

Especially in summer, the city of Cologne blossoms. A popular activity here is strolling through the Grüngürtel with a coffee, relaxing in the sun by Aachener Weiher or drinking a delicious Kölsch beer. And if you do fancy a drink, Cologne, as Germany’s corner shop capital, is the place to be. The corner shop culture is part of many of Cologne’s neighbourhoods and you can hardly walk for 5 minutes before you come across yet another little shop. This comes in handy especially in the summer season, as the corner shops provide you with everything you might need: a cool Kölsch beer, a refreshing lemonade or even a delicious ice cream.


Cologne is especially known for its charismatic and charming neighbourhoods. This doesn’t just include the 86 official districts of Cologne, but also the unofficial districts, which do not fall into any bureaucratic grid.

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The numerous restaurants in Cologne offer everything your heart might desire. From typical Cologne dishes to international cuisine. Here you can find something for everyone: From meat lovers to vegans.

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Bars, clubs, cafés and restaurants that are open for long hours in summer and there are always plenty of trade fairs and events. If you want to enjoy nightlife to the fullest, this is the place to be.

Overview of Bars

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