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Discover the Cologne nightlife

Especially on weekends, though also during the week, Cologne is a city that never sleeps. The hustle and bustle continues here all through the night: Bars, clubs, cafés and restaurants that are open for long hours in summer and there are always plenty of trade fairs and events. If you want to enjoy nightlife to the fullest, this is the place to be.

1. The Balthasar – In the Belgian Quarter

The Balthasar is located on Aachener Straße and is one of Cologne’s most popular cocktail bars. Here you can end the evening with delicious drinks. The Balthasar is open until 1 a.m. during the week and on Fridays and Saturdays it stays open until 2 a.m.

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2. The Monkey Bar – In Altstadt-Nord

The Monkey Bar could be a perfect end to your evening with its delicious drinks. The Monkey Bar is located on the 8th floor and offers exquisite cocktails and long drink creations. You can enjoy the spectacular view of Cologne Cathedral and Cologne city centre.

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3. Little Link – In the Belgian Quarter

Little Link offers you the perfect combination of classic and modern, as well as classy and casual. Here you can look forward to some very special cocktails from a bathtub or a popcorn bag.

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4. Spirits – In the Belgian Quarter

At Spirits, you can have a taste of a multitude of delicious cocktails and home-made creations. While you make yourself comfortable with a drink in hand, you will be treated to popular DJs from jazz to house.

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5. Salon Schmitz – In the Belgian Quarter

Salon Schmitz has a number of sofas and seating areas with dimmed lighting. Despite the large and open space, you will feel very comfortable here after work and can treat yourself to a glass of wine, a long drink or a Kölsch beer, either alone or in company. If the weather is nice, you can try to get a seat in the outdoor area and taste the new ice cream flavours from next door while enjoying a coffee.

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